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IV Sedation

We offer IV sedation for a number of reasons.  Fear, Anxiety, or to obtain a large amount of dental work performed at one appointment.  Dr. Duffy performed an Anesthesia residency at the Medical College and has been performing sedation for approximately 20 years.

The procedure is very much like a hospital setting.  Dr. Duffy establishes an IV site (usually in the bend of the arm) through which he administers a medical fluid as a constant drip and also the sedative drug.  During the sedation you will be asleep but breathing on you’re own and connected to monitors, which check:

  • Blood pressure (every 10 min.)
  • pulse rate (heart rate)
  • oxygen saturation in the blood (how you are breathing)

In addition, everyone in the office is trained in CPR and BLS (basic life support).

Dr. Duffy has also been certified in ACLS (Advance Cardiac Life Support).

The office, in addition to the proper monitoring equipment, has a fully equipped crash cart (emergency cart with all the emergency equipment and drugs), similar to the one you would find in the hospital.
IV Sedation requires a consultation prior to the actual sedation to evaluate the medical history of each patient, to determine the safety on an individual basis for an in office sedation.

If Dr. Duffy feels that the medical history has a significant risk for an in office sedation, he will discuss with you the option of being treated as an outpatient at Florida Hospital, where he has been on staff since 1987.